2014 Sima Kim Japan Tour

Sima Kim - Don’t Fear For Me (Dntel Mix)

Vocal : Pierre Mottron
Artwork : Zelda Park

Sima Kim at 2.5D (tokyo) ft. Kazune Nogawa, Metronori, Masato Abe.

thanks to dazed and confused korea for an interview in their current issue.

thanks to dazed and confused korea for an interview in their current issue.

[Review] Tiny Mix Tapes - Sima Kim - Intertwined

Intertwined is an island in the center of your mind, a place to where your ego can swim, narrowly escaping any dangers presented by the shark-infested surrounding waters of that day to day hell we so lovingly call “Life.” A brain vacation, pure and simple – your job, calendar, phone, enemies, all barking and gnashing discriminate teeth in your ego’s general direction, sidelined and silenced for the moment so that basking in the sonic rays of Sima Kim can commence uninterrupted. It’s part and parcel of a genre of music famous for being exactly what I just described, but the importance of having these little musical getaway gateways simply cannot be overstated, and Sima Kim nails it without resorting to carbon-copy construction. His gently ebbing sounds of glitch-glittered static arrive as reminiscent-only, manufacturing good vibes and lifting listeners to the fluffy clouds of imaginative thought with treble-heavy swishes of color that are as weightless as they are transparent. Four original works and four reworkings from outside perspectives round out the whole shebang with nary a millisecond wasted. Great for when you just can’t be wherever it is you find yourself wanting to pull your hair out… Which for me is, like, right now. And most times come to think of it. I guess that Sima Kim is just good. Always.

[Review] VICE - Sima Kim - Ur Shilouette

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[release] Ur Silhouette

01. Ur Silhouette – 3:02
02. Then I Could Just Die Today (ft. J▲l▲l S▲l▲▲m) – 2:55
03. You Cast Shadow On My Sky – 2:45
04. I’ll Lose Every Single Bet (ft. Josué Josué) – 3:50
05. Acknowledge – 1:57
06. Isolated (ft. Almeeva) – 3:25

Composed and Recorded by Sima Kim
Mastered by Gregory Hoepffner
Artwork by Romain Barbot


For the past several years Sima Kim has established himself as one of the most prolific new acts you can come across. This young, classically trained Korean composer and musician has so far covered it all – electro-acoustic pieces, piano based minimalism, ambient drone, tape experiments and all possible amalgams between them. So when I heard he’s putting a tape through Toulousse’s BLWBCK I expected something in that vein. Surprised is a weak word for what I heard in the promo I was sent.Ur Silhouette is an entirely new side of Kim’s music. Here his neo-classical and ambient work gives place to six delicate rhythm driven pieces. Still atmospheric, still super precise as usual work but very diverse and bold. We got some eclectic hip-hop (“Then I Could Die Today” with J?l?l S?l??m and “I’ll Lose Every Single Bet” with Josué Josué) and dubstep-soaked tnes. All built by micro sounds and simple beats both enshrouded with thick atmospheres. That makes the time spent with Ur Silhouette somehow tense until it finally outbursts and ends with “Isolated”, a killer piece lifted up until the very clouds by the outstanding voice of Gregory Hoepffner (Almeeva), who also mastered the record. Hear Isolated below and reserve a copy because… boy, BLWBCK releases are always selling too fast maybe cuz they know what’s really worth putting out! – Stereofox

sima kim @ yogiga 14, feb